How to integrate Doppler Relay with PrestaShop

Are you a PrestaShop user and want to assure perfect deliverability for all your eCommerce Emails? Also, would you like to count with complete real time analytics?

You are in the right place then! In this post we will teach you how to integrate your eCommerce with the most used transactional app among the Spanish-speaking world.

In order to carry out this integration you need to have an account in Doppler Relay. If you don’t have one yet, you can create it for free here!

Step by step to integrate your PrestaShop eCommerce with Doppler

First, you need to get the addon and install it on your PrestaShop account. Download it here.

Once you have the addon on your computer, you can proceed with the installation. Access your PrestaShop dashboard and select the option “Modules & Services”.

Presta Shop Doppler Relay Integration

Click the “Upload a Module” button.

Presta Shop Doppler Relay Integration

A popup will ask you to drag the file into it. Also you can navigate your hard drive and select the file manually.

Presta Shop Doppler Relay Integration

The installation will begin automatically and you will receive a confirmation message once the process is over. Click the “Configure” button and proceed to setup the addon.

Presta Shop Doppler Relay Integration

You will need to access your Doppler Relay account in order to gather your “SMTP & API Information”. You can find it in your Control Panel, located in the upper right corner of your screen.


Presta Shop Doppler Relay IntegrationNow go back to your PrestaShop control panel and configure the Doppler Relay module.

Presta Shop Doppler Relay Integration

You need to complete the following fields:

  • Server SMTP:
  • User SMTP: your Doppler Relay user
  • Password SMTP: your Doppler Relay API Key
  • Port SMTP: your SMTP port number in Doppler Relay
  • SMTP Encryption: select “off

In the “Mail format” is recommended to choose “HTML” or “Both”. In the “Mail method” configuration you need to define “STMP”.

Presta Shop Doppler Relay Integration

The “Email” option, basically defines the Sender name of your Email. You can choose between “Webmaster” o “Customer service”.

Presta Shop Doppler Relay Integration

That’s it! Finally you have integrated Doppler Relay with your PrestaShop eCommerce. Now you count with complete real time analytics for every Email sent by your eCommerce, and also you can be sure that every piece will get its destination.

Getting in touch with your clients will be easier than ever!

Have a great Campaign!

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