How to configure the subdomain tracking?

The subdomain tracking configuration is important to change Doppler Relay’s domain used in the Transactional Email’s links for your own domain.

This process involves creating a subdomain at your DNS and pointing them to Doppler Relay.

For this it is necessary to add a CNAME record in the subdomain that we have assigned you, in this way the tracking will be masked under your domain and not the Doppler Relay.

This not only increases the deliverability, but also creates confidence and improves the image of your brand in your transactional emails.

Step by Step

Step 1

Enter the Domain Manager section, once there look for the Domain that you want to configure in the Domain List. Remember that if you have not added them yet, you must do it using the button “Add New Domain”.

How to configure the subdomain tracking?Step 2

Once you identify the domain, you have to click on the Wheel icon that will take you to the domain settings for that domain.

How to configure the subdomain tracking?Step 3

Now at the domain settings page, you should see the section called Subdomain Tracking. There you will see the necessary information to configure the subdomain at your hosting provider.

How to configure the subdomain tracking?Step 4

Now that you have all the information, it’s time to go to your hosting provider to add this new subdomain. This may vary according to each provider but you should look for a section called control panel where you can modify the DNS records of your domain.

Step 5

Once there you must add a new CNAME record. Once you add it you will have to include the CNAME and the Subdomain that you obtained in Doppler Relay and point it to

Step 6

Save this new record and the process will be finished, you have already configured the subdomain tracking.

From now on all your URLs will be only under your newly configured subdomain. Remember that the process can take up to 24 hours to propagate.

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