How to start using Doppler Relay?

In the following tutorial you will see step by step how to start using your Doppler Relay account.

Step 1: Create your account

To begin, you will need a Doppler Relay account. The registration is simple and our free version includes up to 400 emails per day for 30 days. You can create an account right here.

Step 2. Verify your domain (DKIM y SPF)

Configure the DKIM

To start sending through Doppler Relay, you will need to verify your domain by configuring the DKIM at the DNS of your hosting provider. Basically it is a process where you authenticate your signature as a sender.

For each domain you add, you will receive a unique DKIM key to add at your DNS. You can have as many verified domains as you need, there is no limit. Read here how to configure your DKIM step by step.

Keep in mind that until your domain is verified you will not be able to use your Doppler Relay account. This step is important to ensure that you are the owner of the domain from which your Transactional Emails will be sent, this helps avoid spam and phishing.

Thanks to this protection methods is that we maintain a high reputation with the most important ISPs and we can send your transactional emails to your customers’ inbox in a secure and quickly way.

Configure the SPF

Once you have configured the DKIM, you will be able to use your Doppler Relay account. However, you can improve the reputation of your transactional emails thanks to the configuration of the SPF.

The SPF value is an IP validation of the outgoing server, used by most incoming mail servers

To configure your SPF you must log in to your hosting provider and look for the DNS administration page. Once there you must create a record of the type TXT including the SPF value of Doppler Relay:

v=spf1 ~all

Here you can see an example of how the SPF should be configured in your domain:

Name Value TTL v=spf1 ~all Default value

Step 3. Set up your subdomain tracking

The subdomain tracking configuration is important to change Doppler Relay’s domain used in the Transactional Email’s links for your own domain.

This process involves creating a subdomain at your DNS and pointing them to Doppler Relay.

To do this it is necessary to add a CNAME record in the subdomain that we have assigned you, in this way the tracking will be masked under your domain and not the Doppler Relay.

You have to enter the domain confiuración and there you will find the necessary information to add the new CNAME record, you have to look for the following data:

  • Subdomain name
  • CNAME field

Always remember that you must point to Add this new CNAME record and wait for the changes to propagate.

Here’s an article that explain how to set up your subdomain tracking step by step.

Step 4. Connect with Doppler Relay

Once everything related to the verification of your domain (DKIM & SPF) is ready, it is time to make the connection between Doppler Relay and your business.

Using SMTP

If you are already using SMTP to send your emails, then the migration will be more than simple. Just point your existing configuration to Doppler Relay servers and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once you have your Doppler Relay account, you will have the necessary data to be able to make the SMTP connection.

Using the API Rest

If you want to use our API, you can consult our API documentation, there you will find all the necessary help to start using it.

In the documentation you will find for example a playground that allows you to make different types of tests. You will find examples of .NET, PHP and more.

FTP connection

If you need to send batch via FTP, you must contact our team to determine the best way to make the connection.

This type of connection provides certain key features for customers with high technical and safety requirements.

The process basically consists of uploading a CSV file on the FTP server that we configure for your account, and Doppler Relay will process it and send it immediately.

Step 5: We are here to help

If you ever have any questions, you can write us to the chat we have on our website, you can tweet us or send us an email to We will always be ready to help you in the best way possible.

Remember that in addition to the documentation, we have a Help Center that is at your disposal for any questions that arise.

As you can see there are several channels through which you can get in touch with us, no matter your question we will there to help you.

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