How to reactivate Subscribers from your account

You can do it on your own, let’s see how to step by step.

1- Login into your Doppler Relay account and display the Control Panel, which is in the upper right margin. Then, click on Domain Manager.


2- There you’ll see all the configured domains, associated with your Doppler Relay account. At the right side of each one, there are three different Actions you can do; click on the third icon (Reactivate Subscribers).


3- From this screen, you can do the reactivation of Subscribers. As it says, enter the Email address and a short explanation about why you want to reactivate that Subscriber. To finish, click on Reactivate.


That’s it! You will be finished with the reactivation process. Do it again if you want to reactivate another Subscriber.

Regards about the reactivation of Subscribers

Did you follow the explanation step by step but you couldn’t reactivate Subscribers? These may be some of the reasons:

  • There is a daily limitation of reactivations (15 per day). When you reach that number, if you want to reactivate more Subscribers, you have to continue another day.
  • You might want to reactive an Email address that has never been subscribed to your comms, or that is not inactive. In those cases, you’ll be noticed about it.
  • Finally, some Subscribers couldn’t be reactivated if the API detects that they are suspicious addresses or they belong to an Email blacklist.

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