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FAQ about Doppler Relay Plans

When are my credits renewed?

Your credits can’t be accumulated and will be renewed at the beginning of each month.

What happens if I exceed my Plan’s credits?

In case you exceed the amount of credits from your Plan, you can keep sending Transactional Emails without any problem.

At the end of the month you will be charged with the emails that you have consumed outside of your Plan.

In this way we ensure you that the service will be never interrupted and you be able to keep sending your Transactional Emails.

Can I buy a Pro Plan if I need to send less then 250,000 email per month?

Yes, you can buy a Pro Plan independently of the number of emails you need to send monthly. Therefore from our smallest Plan you can get a Pro Plan.

From the 250,000 monthly emails, it is only possible to buy a Pro Plan since it is an amount of sendings that requires a dedicated IP.

Which is the difference between Basic and Pro Plan?

The pro Plan has a dedicated IP included, which allows you to make all your sendings through an already warm up IP. Having a dedicated IP is recommended if you have a large number of emails per month to send.

In addition to the dedicated IP, we are working on more features that will be part of the Pro Plan, for example the possibility to manage different users in one single account.

How do I buy a Plan higher than 5 million?

If you need to buy a Plan bigger than 5 million emails or if you have a specific requirement that you need to consult, you just have to contact our team at or in our contact page and we’ll give get in touch with you.

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