¿What is Doppler Relay?

Doppler Relay is the Transactional Email tool from Doppler. It is the perfect service if you are looking to do one-to-one transactional emails in an automatically way.

What kind of Email can you send with Doppler Relay?

Transactional Email is perfect if you have an eCommerce, a web application, or any web business. These types of emails are sent in response to a specific user action. Transactional emails often contain information that a recipient wants or needs, and therefore has very high open rates.

Thanks to Transactional Email you can send

  • Welcome Emails
  • Account Creation Confirmation
  • Account activation
  • Reset Password
  • Purchase confirmation
  • Account notifications
  • Send Attachments

How does it work?

With Doppler Relay, you can send transactional emails through 3 different methods: API, SMTP or FTP.


If you are already sending transactional emails to your website via SMTP, you can easily change your SMTP credentials to Doppler Relay and start sending immediately.


With Doppler Relay Rest API, you can send emails, get information about the status of the submission and view or analyze report data in your own application or system.

Our standard interface allows your application or website to interact directly with our relay platform. You can integrate your product with Doppler Relay or you can create applications to manage more efficiently or large sendings more efficiently.


Doppler Relay offers the possibility to connect via FTP. You’ll be able to automate integrations among several systems, such as your own app, your favorite CRM or your Ecommerce, on an easy way.

Upload a CSV file with the data you need to generate the content of your Transactional Emails. Processes will be executed in batches, customizing each Email.

Do you offer a free trial or demo version?

Yes we do. You can create a free account with 50 emails per day for 30 days.

Doppler Relay is designed to be flexible and customized depending on your business. The best way to demonstrate Doppler Relay’s power with different frames or integrations is to sign up for a free trial account and start sending transactional email.

Use Doppler Relay’s test mode to generate emails using our API or SMTP integration and simulate bounces, unsubscribes, and spam claims without actually sending live email.

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