What are the sending limits of my account?

In order to maintain a good reputation of all our IP’s, we carefully monitor all the sendings through our platform so we can detect in time any SPAM attack that may harm the deliverability of all our customers.

That’s why we set different sendings limit divided by type day, month and type of plan.

Daily limit

The first week, once you have bought a plan you can send up to 400 emails per day. After that week if your sendings have good deliverability results, you can send up to 20% of your plan on a daily basis in the second week.

So in the second week you can send the entire contracted plan.

If in the third week you continue with a good performance in your sendings you can send up to 40% of your plan daily.

In the last week of the contracted plan, if you keep good results in your sendings, you can send up to 60% of your plan on a daily basis, this being the maximum that can be sent per day.

In this way suppose you have a plan of 50,000 monthly sendings, you can send up to 30,000 on a daily basis. Of course before reaching the daily limit we will let you know so you can make the change to a higher plan.

Of course before reaching your daily limit we’ll let you know so that you can make an upgrade and keep sending transactional emails.

Monthly limit

All our plans have a number of emails assigned monthly however you can exceed that limit. This is because we want to make sure that our services keeps working beyond your plan.

We know the importance of transactional emails for the success of any business, that is why we want to avoid at all costs that the service is interrupted.

If you exceed your plan, the limit to keep sending your transactional emails is the double of your plan. Continuing with the example above,  if you have a plan of 50,000 emails per month you can send up to 100,000 emails on a monthly basis.

We will notify you not only when you are near the limit of your plan but also when you approach the excess email limit so you can upgrade on time and never interrupt the service.

Limit on free trials

Doppler Relay free trial allows you to send up to 50 emails per day the first 3 days, if you have a good deliverability rate then you’ll be able to send up to 400 emails per day the rest of your free trial. Demo accounts doesn’t allow to exceed the limit, we’ll notify you when you approach the limit so you can make an upgrade.

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