What are the different transactional email sending status?

At the moment of sending your different Transactional Emails your messages can live different types of status. Learn here all the different message that you can find in the platform.

Queued: These are emails that have not been processed and have not been sent yet.

Sent: These emails have already been sent. Check their Open and Click rates. 

Dropped: These messages were not attempted to send due to non-sending policies.

Rejected, soft rebound: The soft bounce means that the email could not be delivered however it goes into the retry state.

Retries: The message is queued to retry sending it. After the first attempt we respect an interval frequency between new sendings attempts based on the requirements of the different types of email client. This is the frequency of retries we respect:

  • 3 min
  • 20 min
  • 1h 20min
  • 11am 20m
  • 21h 20m
  • 31h 20m

Rejected, hard bounce: After different attempts if the Email keeps failing to be delivered, the state becomes a Hard Bounce and we will not try to send it again.


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